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Courses and seminars

30 hour course aimed at teachers of the municipal nurseries, taught by Rosa Sellarès Viola. Diagnosis and proper early care for children with ASD are essential. The nursery can help a great deal to support them in their relational, communicative and cognitive difficulties taking into account that each case is different, and to accompany the families to guarantee a context of stable and sustainable development.

The objective of the course is to offer a space for training, dialogue, discussion and exchange among all participants that can assist teachers both in their relationship with as well as working with these children.

Funding: MIEB 2018 to 2021

A brief preventive and proactive intervention program has continued to be developed for families with young children with difficulties and risk of social exclusion in order to act on risk factors and on the quality of parent-child interactions. It is a program that aims to improve the quality of family interaction and involve families in the dynamics of the school by intervening in the same educational context and working for group change.

Funding: Barcelona City Council  (2015-2021). Department of Social Welfare and Family Affairs of the Catalan Autonomous Government  (2016-2018). Institute of Education Sciences of the Autonomous University of Catalonia.  PRESME Foundation.

The proposal consists of the creation of a work group for families of children who have mild forms of Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger’s syndrome, as well as for professionals from mainstream schools who work with these children. The aim is to create a space for reception and training, through two weekend-long seminars, in which the understanding, accompaniment and education of these children are treated from an interdisciplinary perspective, and in which dialogue between families and educational professionals is encouraged. 

Funding : ACSAR Foundation (2011). Department of Social Welfare and Family Affairs of the Catalan Autonomous Government  (2012). Barcelona City Council  2014 and 2015. PRESME Foundation.